Our Mentors

WOMEN professionals in the Manufacturing field (academia/industry) eager to help other women

What are we looking for in a mentor? 

  • ESTEAM (entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics), social science or humanities professionals working within business organizations, universities, public administration and eager to share their knowledge and experiences. 
  • Willingness to participate in a voluntary programme to support female students in MSc and PhD degrees and women employed in manufacturing, academia, RTOs or industry and lead them to empowerment.

What can you expect as a mentor?  

  • Contribute to bringing a positive change to the mentee’s life.
  • Be exposed to fresh perspectives, ideas and approaches.
  • Develop your leadership skills and coaching styles.
  • Become recognize as an advisor.
  • Expand your professional network.
  • Be at the forefront of increasing the role of women in innovation and manufacturing.

Level of commitment

  • As a mentor you are expected to dedicate up to 2.5 hours per mentee, divided in 5 sessions distributed along the 3- month programme.
  • You will help at least one mentee to develop a personal career plan at the beginning of the leadership programme.
  • Mentees, with the support of the mentor, will analyse their strengths and work on their weaknesses to achieve their personal and professional growth.
  • This plan will be the map that should take the participant to the goal they want to reach, defining where they want to go, what they need to get there, and how they are going to do it.
  • After each session, mentees will be asked to fill a small survey related to the topic of the mentoring sessions. Note that these forms are meant to help us check that the meetings are taking place and to identify possible improvements. No details from the meeting itself are requested as these are highly confidential.
  • Also, an intermediate evaluation with the coordinator of the programme, will be set up during the development of the programme to monitor and evaluate the advances of the programme and take the corresponding actions to mitigate the possible risks.
  • At the end of the programme mentors and mentees will be asked to fill a satisfaction and evaluation survey that will allow us to improve for next editions.
  • Besides the direct commitment with their mentee, mentors could also be invited to participate in networking events to explore possible synergies with other mentors and/or mentees. Mentoring is provided pro-bono.