The leadership programme is a combination of a mentorship programme and a training course, which will incorporate business creation and innovation components in the shape of an entrepreneurship as well as digitalisation and sustainability modules.
The objective is to equip participants with skills that will give them the confidence to likely drive innovation in their employed position but also entrepreneurship, whether they are currently in academia or industry.
The programme includes networking opportunities and career development mentoring.

What are we looking for in a mentee? 

Female ESTEAM (entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics), social science and humanities, students in MSc and PhD degrees or women employed in the manufacturing sector, whether in academia, RTOs or industry, eager to start and grow their own business or develop their professional careers and rise to management and leadership positions.

What can you expect from STRADA? 

Throughout the 3 months of the programme, classes, workshops and teamwork will be delivered, mainly online, with synchronous and asynchronous sessions based on the 4 main pillars of the programme, which will provide you with:
13 -14h of Masterclasses provided by our partners expertise in:

– Developing Leaders and Managers,
– Leading digitalization, 
– Entrepreneurship & Innovation,
– Business and environmental sustainability. 


  • At least 5h of webinars that will help you improve your pitch aptitudes, work on your horizontal leadership abilities and guide you through the funding opportunities that EIT brings to help innovative entrepreneurs among others.  
  • Up to 2,5h of mentoring sessions with a mentor, paired based on the same specific background, skills and attitude towards professional path. 
  • 1 to 2,5h of learning Nuggets via Skills.move based on the pillars of the project. 
  • 1 Hands-on workshop with Women in Manufacturing and other Women associations round tables 
  • Online sharing experiences workshops.  

Level of commitment

As a mentee you are expected to dedicate at least 25 hours to sessions distributed along the 3-month programme.
Mentees, with the support of the mentor, will analyse their strengths and work on their weaknesses to achieve their personal and professional growth and will develop a career plan at the beginning of the leadership programme.
After each session, mentees will be asked to fill a short survey related to the topic of the mentoring sessions. 
Note that these forms are meant to help us check that the meetings are taking place and to identify possible improvements. No details from the meeting itself are requested as these are highly confidential.
Also, an intermediate evaluation with the coordinator of the programme, will be set up during the development of the programme to monitor and evaluate the advances of the programme and take the corresponding actions to mitigate the possible risks.
At the end of the programme mentors and mentees will be asked to fill a satisfaction and evaluation survey that will allow us to improve for next editions.
4th - 12 CET
Kick of meeting

1st- 11 CET
MASTERCLASS: Session 5 - Digitalization (NIGHTINGALE)
Strategic integration of manufacturing systems
3th - 12 CET
Webinar: Engineering applied to marketing
(Cristina Saeta)
5th- 11 CET
Leadership (UCD) Leadership definition and styles
5th - 9th
Coaching session
4th - 11 CET (2h)
MASTERCLASS: Session 11 -Sustainability (CLEANTECH)
Basics of sustainability
Circular Economy: supporting sustainable development
8th - 12 th
Coaching session
7nd- 11 CET
MASTERCLASS: Session 6 - Digitalization (NIGHTINGALE)
Data analysis in Manufacturing
3th - 7th
Coaching session
10th - 12CET
Webinar: Automation & Digitalization on the Shopfloor
(Marjolijn Pronk - LEGO)
8th - 12 CET
Webinar: Horizontal Leadership
(Alex Hoesl)
10th - 14th
Final Review
12th- 11 CET
Leadership (UCD) Developing Leadership Capacity
13th - 10 CET
Hands -on Workshop
17th - 11 CET
MASTERCLASS: Session 3 - Digitalization (NIGHTINGALE)
Manufacturing Digitalisation Review
Interim Review
18th - 12 CET
Webinar:Funding opportunities (Natalia Mendez -EITM)
15th - 11 CET
MASTERCLASS: Session 6 -Enterpreneurship (POLITO)
Innovation/entrepreneurial potential and team formation
Coaching session
16th - 12 CET
Webinar: EntreComp, Enterpreneurial Learning (Elin McCallum)
22nd - 12 CET
Webinar: Disruptive mindset
(Jessica Breitenfeld)
19th- 10 CET
MASTERCLASS: Session 7 - Enterpreneurship (POLITO)
Business Model in Manufacturing
25th- 11 CET
MASTERCLASS: Session 4 - Digitalization (CTAG)
Process Mapping underpinning digitalisation
Coaching session
30th - 12 CET (2h)
ONLINE WORKSHOP: sharing experiences with Mentors
20th - 12 CET
Webinar: Conflict management (Belez Gonzalez)
21th - 10 CET
MASTERCLASS: Session 8 -Enterpreneurship (POLITO)
Customer validation
27th - 10 CET
MASTERCLASS: Session 9 - Sustainability (CLEANTECH)
EU Policy Context on sustainable development
29th - 10 CET
MASTERCLASS: Session 10 -Enterpreneurship (POLITO)
Business model cases
*Tentative dates to be confirmed